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Looking for responsive leads to jumpstart your Home Based Business? Look no further! The Lead Academy is the #1 destination for quality leads.

The Lead Academy spends a great amount of time generating QUALITY Business Opportunity Leads. Our Multi Level Marketing leads are compiled from prospects who have responded to our National Advertising Campaigns. When you get leads from us you are getting them directly from the lead generator. We save you time and money!

We'll give you 1K leads and promote your business immediately

What's inside the Lead Academy?

1. Business Opportunity leads 

2. Lead Generation courses

3. Scripts needed to close any sale 

4. The #1 strategy to generate leads 

5. MLM Text Marketing guide        

New leads may include all or a combination of the following (real-time updates) 

1. Date

2. Name

3. Email Address

4. Phone

5. Location

Your membership also includes 400 power words & 15 scripts Entrepreneurs and top Marketers are currently using to close any sale.

Demonstrate product LEVERAGE

We teach the LVR strategy to ensure our members attract the right leads!

Always lead with VALUE not a sales pitch

Focus on being relatable and building RELATIONSHIPS

Get instant access to 1k high quality  targeted leads to promote your Online business.  Build a massive email & contact list.  We provide exclusive Lead Generation & Marketing courses.  


1. MWR Financial

2. Global Domains International

3. MyEcon

4. Financial Education Service

5. 20Five2Life

6. The Conversion Pros

We run monthly paid ads giving thousands of potential leads direct access to your website.  We promote your logo inside the Academy and more.



WE GENERATE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY TRAFFIC: The Lead Academy's Business Opportunity Traffic service enables our members to promote thier Online business opportunity to only prospects looking to join a business

What is Business Opportunity Traffic?

Business Opportunity Traffic are prospects that are actively searching for a business opportunity and are self-motivated prospects. Our research suggests that Business Opportunity prospects tend to have leadership qualities, self-motivation and the hunger to succeed. These prospects typically turn out being your biggest downline builders!

How do we generate Business Opportunity Traffic?

We create monthly advertising campaigns promoting "Work From Home" & "Home Base Business" opportunities.  Potential leads provide the Academy with their contact info via our landing pages and this website.  We update the Academy in real-time, giving our members instant access. 


  1. You should have your contact information on your website.

  2. You should have a form on your website where a prospect can leave a note for you along with their contact information.

  3. It is preferable to have the complete signup/enrollment process on your website

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