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1.  Live in the U.S. or Canada

2.  Be 18+ years old

3.  Have access to the internet

4.  Have an active Paypal account

5.  Work 1-2 hours daily


We pay you 50% of each Lead Academy membership credit card purchase we receive with your Referral ID attached to your Paypal account within 24 hours of verification.  See example below. Membership cost was $79.95 / 50% = $39.97 payout.  Note: Lead Academy membership fees can vary.  

How to become an Affiliate

1.  Click here to complete the FREE Affiliate Sign up Form

2.  Check your email to get your Affiliate ID#

3.  Use this link to promote this business

4.  Instruct referrals to place your Affiliate ID# in the "Notes" section during the checkout process of purchasing their Lead Academy membership.  


Affiliate ID#

Your unique Affiliate ID# will be 8 digits with an alpha prefix (LAB) as shown above.

Affiliate Disclosure

You are not required to have a Lead Academy membership to become an Affiliate.  The Lead Academy will not be responsible if your referral fails to attached your Affiliate ID.  Your referral payout will be paid to your Paypal account and will be subject to all Paypal fees.  The Lead Academy will not reimburse any Paypal fees.  You will NOT receive your payout if your referral completes the check out process without your Affiliate ID.  The Lead Academy reserves the right to deactivate your Affiliate ID# at any time without notice.  This website should be promoted to Online Business owners or anyone using the Internet to earn income.  The Lead Academy reserves the right to reject your Affiliate request if you do not meet the requirements as stated above.  You will not receive any commission if the member pays with Venmo or Cash App.  We reserve the right to change the Lead Academy membership fees at any time without notice.

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