How to join

Make a one-time payment then click Academy Login at the top of the page and "Sign up".

What is Lead Generation

In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business.  Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads.

How does it work

We run a paid Ad monthly on various social media platforms.  We target audiences looking to earn additional income using the internet or start a Home Based business.  Leads opt-in via multiple landing pages including our "Build a Business" page and others associated with this website.


1.  Instant access to high quality leads

2.  Free advertising

3.  Increase website traffic

4.  Lead Generation training

5.  Turn leads into sales

6.  No monthly fees

Will this work for my business 

Our Lead acquisition team targets leads for the following business types including any Online business opportunity that leverages the internet to earn income

Home Base 

Affiliate Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Direct Sales


Drop Shipping

What's inside the Academy

1.  1k high quality leads

2.  Lead Generation Training

3.  Scripts that turn leads into sales

4.  Free Ad submission 

5.  Member Logos

6.  List Building Course

7.  SMS Text Marketing Course


1.  When are leads updated?  Real-time as collected

2.  Are all leads opt-ins?  Yes

3.  What countries do you target? 99% U.S.

4.  How does your Lead Generation team collect leads?  Paid Ads

5.  Are your leads targeted for Online business opportunities?  Yes

6.  What lead information do you collect?  A combination of phone #s, name, email address and location. 

(lead information may contain all or one of the above)                       

7.  Have you contacted or verified your leads? No

8.  What date were your new leads collected? 2021

9.  What date were your previous leads collected? 2020

10. How many leads do you collect?  We do not guarantee any amount of leads provided.

11. How does your leads opt-in?  Via multiple landing pages associated with this website

12. How do I access my leads?  Login to the Academy 

13. Are your leads exclusive to me?  No

14. Will I be able to download my leads? No

What does "Opt-in" mean

Expressed consent or permission by a customer, recipient or potential lead that allows a marketer to send them merchandise, information, or more messages via email, phone, mail or direct message.

How to get started

1.  Make a one-time payment of $59.95

2.  Click "Academy Login"

3.  Sign up for a membership

Why do I need to "sign up" after my payment

It allows our team to verify your payment and submitted details before approving your membership.


1.  Membership cost is $59.95 (one-time payment)

2.  Do you except Paypal or Prepaid cards?  Yes

3.  Can I pay with Cash App or Venmo? Yes

$LeadAcademy - $John-Ivery-3

Refund Policy

We have a NO refund policy.

Free advertising

We promote Online business opportunities FREE on our "Build a Business" page.  We periodically run paid ads on social media using this page allowing potential leads direct access to your website.  Upon completing the FREE ad form , your ad will be listed within 72 hours.  Your company ad will remain listed for approx 90 days or less.  Your company logo may also be displayed inside the Academy viewable by other members.  We reserve the right to remove your ad & logo at any time without notice. This is a free "Member only" service for marketing purposes only.  Members are allowed to submit up to 2 ads per 90 days. 


Will you notify me when new leads are added to the Academy?  No, it is the member's responsibility to login daily and collect leads.

Mobile version

Is there a mobile version of this website?  Yes

Site membership

How to become a Site member? Click join and complete the payment process.


How to blog?  Click join and complete the payment process.

What is "Opt-in data"

The words "Opt-in data" may appear if the potential lead did not submit their name along with other contact info.

Do you have an Affiliate Componet

Yes! Click here to learn more.

Do I have to be a Lead Academy member to become an Affiliate? No


You may cancel your membership at any time.  To cancel your membership complete the support form on the Contact Us page.

Membership Term

12 months from "sign up" date

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